The top one percent people in the world know and implement the concepts presented in this book. These are real practical concepts about the way the world’s financial eco-system is working. This book will give you the top view of the world’s financial ecosystem and also the detailed level view. This book will bring a paradigm shift for the betterment of the rest of your life.

“Value” that is “usefulness” is the axis on which entire financial world revolves. Thus this book also revolves around “value”. “Value” is been defined in an unprecedented manner. The vital concepts which impact everyone’s life that are Value Creation, Value Extraction, Value Erosion and Value Evaluation are covered in the required depth, for the first time in the history. In addition some breakthrough and practical concepts like “The Dice of Life”, “Four Pillars of any Business”, “Wheel of Business” and “Buttons in Human Beings” are explained.